What makes you happy about living in India?

Experiencing the Multicolored Culture

Absorbing the vibrant burst of colors, the pulsating rhythm of dhol and the ecstatic joy in people's eyes, you instantly recognize you are in India. Yes, this is Arvind talking about what makes me happy living here. Each corner of India is a stunning kaleidoscope of rich traditions, captivating folklore, musical languages, and mouth-watering cuisines. It's like going through a spectrum of colors as you journey from the majestic deserts of Rajasthan to backwaters of Kerala, from the serene mountains of Himachal Pradesh to the lively streets of Kolkata.

There's a unique shade to every festival, a different beat to every regional dance, and unbelievable variety in every regional cuisine. I have personally danced the garba during Navratri in Gujarat, swirled with the Rajasthani Ghoomar dancers, and even tapped my feet to the Bhangra beats in Punjab. The spices of their cuisines still linger on my tongue. This cascade of diverse cultural experiences is the very essence of India, something that I cherish every day.

Imbibing History Through Architectural Wonders

India is like an open history book wherever you might be standing, and Oh boy! What a book! As an archeology enthusiast, nothing excites me more than experiencing the majestic charm of countless historical structures sprawled across different cities and towns. Their ancient walls echo stories of the bygone era that are waiting silently to be heard. A true history buff, I lose myself in the grandeur of the Mughal Monuments, the intricacy of South Indian temples, the chilling tales of the war-ravaged forts and the poetic aesthetic of Rajasthan havelis.

I have personally walked through the eerie halls of Bhangarh Fort, once voted as one of the spookiest places on Earth. Staying in India, one never runs out of stories, places, and memories. Is it not happiness to exist in a place narrating a tale even before your existence?

Amalgamation of Religion and Spirituality

India is often called 'The land of faith' and as someone living in India, I agree wholeheartedly with this description. Religious diversity is a significant part of our national identity. Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, and more, India embraces it all!

From the morning bell chimes in Hindu temples, the call for prayer from magnificent mosques, gurdwaras serving langar to churches ringing their evening bells, these places hold a distinct spiritual energy that calms my inner turmoil. This vibrant religious coexistence broadens our world-view and inculcates a sense of respect and harmony for diverse customs and traditions. Now, if that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will!

Exploring the Natural Beauty

The natural beauty that India holds is simply unparalleled, and it makes every day of living here an absolute pleasure. You can brave the cold winds of the Himalayan mountains, feel the warm sun on your face as you walk the beaches of Goa, or lose yourself in the lush green forests of Karnataka, there is an adventure waiting at every bend of every road.

Being an avid traveler, this makes my life exciting, spontaneous, and most importantly, happy. I remember once while trekking through the valleys of Ladakh, I found myself completely lost in the majesty of the mountains, and in the evening, I sat under the immense spread of shimmering stars. Those moments of absolute tranquillity still bring a smile to my face. Every natural sight in India offers this blissful tranquillity. It fills me with awe, humbles me, and reminds me of the remarkable beauty of our planet.

Bonding Over Food

In India, food is not just a measure of hunger but a celebratory element of our social fabric. Every regional cuisine holds a unique flavor palate and secret recipes passed down through generations. It connects us to our cultural roots and brings back warm memories of our traditions.

A bite of Akki roti takes me back to the lush fields of Karnataka, a spoonful of Rogan Josh reminds me of the snowy valleys of Kashmir, and the tangy flavor of Pani Puri never fails to transport me to the chaotic streets of Mumbai. Food is India's universal language of love, and this pan-Indian food carnival makes me proud to live and celebrate this cultural symbiosis.

Living in India is like savoring a feast prepared with myriad ingredients, each having its unique flavor yet harmonizing with one another to create a joyful course. It is this riot of colors, the rhythm of diversity, and the symphony of unity that makes me joyous about living in India. So, if you ever decide to experience the magic of this nation, remember, Arvind says, 'The heart of India beats in its diversity, embrace it and see the world in a new light.'

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